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When Cupid Laughs

Podcasts On Ovid

17 March 1980
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  • whencupidlaughs@livejournal.com
This is a Livejournal account for the podcast "When Cupid Laughs," a podcast about Publius Ovidius Naso, more commonly known to modern readers as Ovid.

Who I Am:
I am one of those Latin scholars who can't seem to go 24 hours without talking to someone about the parts of Latin I find most fascinating and inspiring. And very few things in the classical field inspire me more than the works of Publius Ovidius Naso, more commonly known as Ovid. Ovid was the focus of my thesis at Bryn Mawr College, and of a large portion of my studies at the undergraduate and graduate levels, when I completed my Master of Arts in Teaching at Boston University. I have been dismayed, disappointed, and disgusted at the recent decision by College Board to cancel the Advanced Placement Latin Literature Exam, taking with it my opportunity to teach Ovid in my current position... hence, this podcast.

My Mission:
As I have studied Ovid, I have found a number of unsettling patterns to secondary scholarship on Ovid. My intent with this podcast is not to cast doubt on all existing scholarship on Ovid, far from it; rather, I wish to produce a source of information for both classicists and other interested individuals, promoting by example more of the kind of scholarship I feel a need for in my own research and in my own career as an educator.
As I have studied Ovid, and told fellow classicists and Latin teachers of my passion for Ovid, I have been met with many reactions, ranging from empathy to curiosity to disgust. I find that many have made an intellectual decision to discard Ovid from the canon of worthwhile classical authors. Thus, I also wish to explain to the many skeptics about Ovid exactly why it is that I find him inspiring rather than insipid, as so many seem to. I hope that I will be at least somewhat convincing in this.
And lastly, I hope to provide for myself an outlet for teaching Ovid. I am of the opinion that I have the greatest job in the world – teaching – and that teaching Ovid has been one of the most enjoyable parts of that job. In the aftermath of the recent decisions by College Board, there will be many who never have the opportunity to discover Ovid, though they might wish to.
This podcast is dedicated to them.

My Plan:
This podcast will consist of half-hour .mp3 files, containing scholastic, analytical, critical, and playful discussion of the works of Ovid. Many of the podcasts will focus on specific texts; for these, a .pdf file of the text, sometimes with English translation, will be available alongside the .mp3 file. Where available, some texts will also include store links to good editions of Ovid texts in Latin and English.
The early podcasts will be introductions to Ovid, his world, and his work. I will begin with general lectures, including information about Ovid's life and times, the scope of his works, and eventually some discussion of the problems in Ovidian scholarship and why I believe Ovid's work is worth reading. From there I plan to proceed to the individual works, giving an introduction to their context, content, and the place each holds in the Ovidian corpus. From there I will proceed to more technical lectures about individual poems, partial poems, in the context of the greater corpus and in context of Latin literature. Some of the podcasts will be suitabe for a general audience, while others will be more tailored to classicists; each podcast will be labeled as one or the other.
Please let me know what you think, regardless of your level of expertise in Latin – I welcome feedback from listeners of all types. Whether you have questions, comments, or criticism (constructive please), I would love to hear it.