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Current Status Update and Things To Do Next - When Cupid Laughs

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May 19th, 2008

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01:28 pm - Current Status Update and Things To Do Next
I have a microphone I think will work for recording the podcasts. I have access to the editing software I need. I have come up with a preliminary list of lecture topics, and have written an initial draft for the first lecture.

I have also come up with a set of labels for the expertise levels of each lecture. Please let me know what you think. I think the actual level divisions work for what I'm going to need, but I want to make sure that none of these sound condescending.

Expertise Tags:
There are five levels of expertise which may be helpful for fully understanding each lecture. Each podcast will be labeled with its level of expertise. Please note that lectures will not have an ascending difficulty level – one lecture may be much more advanced than the lecture following it.

Beginners – No knowledge of Latin required. All Latin phrases and terms will be translated into English, and no Latin text is needed to access the full content of the podcast.

Basic Culture – Basic knowledge of Roman history and culture, would be helpful in understanding the podcast, but should be easily accessible to listeners who have listened to previous podcasts and are somewhat familiar with the information they contain.

Basic Language – Any listener who has basic knowledge of the Latin language should be able to access the full content of the podcast. Listeners with no Latin language knowledge may find this podcast more challenging than others, but should still be able to access the information. Alternatively, this may be an Intermediate or even Beginners level lecture which has an accompanying Latin text without English translation provided, though most Latin phrases and all technical terms will be translated into English.

Advanced Study – These podcasts will be more technical in nature, primarily targeted at students who have completed at least one course in the study of Latin literature in its original language. Latin phrases may occasionally be left untranslated, and accompanying texts may or may not have English translations accompanying them. These lectures will assume that listeners have listened to previous podcasts and are at least somewhat familiar with the information they contain. These will be by far the most scholarly, analytical, and text-oriented of the lectures.

Humorous – Ovid would be pleased to know that people still laugh at his work. These podcasts will be primarily playful discussion of Ovid and his work. They will be accessible to beginners, and will be less academic than leisurely. I will poke respectful fun at Ovid, at ancient Rome, and at classical studies and scholars, including myself.

Things To Do Next:
Design and set up main podcast website
Test microphone, make sample recordings
Start account with iTunes to allow free access to files
Post links at places like eclassics and other communities

ETA: Domain name www.whencupidlaughs.com acquired. Nothing there yet.

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